About CS-DEGs

CS-DEGs is a literature-driven database that collects and analyzes differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from rodent models of chronic stress (CS). CS is an important environmental factor that may impact numerous complex diseases. CS-DEGs targets to facilitate researchers have a deep understanding of the biological processes of CS-response that reflected by DEGs and apply them to relevant disease research.The data scheme of CS-DEGs is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Data scheme of CS-DEGs

Detailed data content is shown on Document > Data content

Citation: Guo, L., Du, Y., Chang, S., Zhang, W., & Wang, J. (2014). Applying Differentially Expressed Genes From Rodent Models of Chronic Stress to Research of Stress-Related Disease: An Online Database. Psychosomatic medicine, 76(8), 644-649. PubMed